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Garburators waste water and energy - compost instead!

The City of Port Moody, along with Metro Vancouver, encourages residents to resist the convenience of garburators. One of the common problems with in-sink disposal units is the increased likelihood of clogs, especially if food waste contains saturated fats. Saturated fats solidify at room temperature potentially causing a build up inside pipes which can lead to sewer backups and overflows.

Garburators waste water, energy and place an increased strain on our wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Please choose the sustainable alternative and compost instead. Better yet, take advantage of our new kitchen & yard waste bins. Let us take care of the work for you!

Household water filters

The City of Port Moody is proud to provide residents with some of the best water in the world. Our drinking water meets or exceeds the current Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. In general, water filters remove only specific types of substances. Water filters do not remove microorganisms. If you’re installing a water filter in your home you need a plumbing permit from the City. Read more about plumbing permits.

Under the current BC Plumbing Code, you will also need a Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RPBA) to install a water filter. The RPBA protects the City’s distribution system from possible microbiological contamination that can result from improperly maintained filters. Filters that are not maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications will allow previously filtered contaminants back into the water. This can cause a severe health hazard to individuals drinking the water. If you have a water filter in your home or you’re thinking about installing one here are two useful links.


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