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Bylaw Enforcement staff will enforce upon public complaint, the requirements of Sound Bylaw No. 1399 Schedule “B” with respect to a barking dog incident.


Sound Bylaw No. 1399 defines a dog barking by the following: "The sound made by a dog barking, howling or creating any kind of sound continually or sporadically or erratically for any period in excess of one-half hour in time."


  • Upon receipt of a complaint regarding a barking dog, the bylaw enforcement officer shall enter the complaint into the Department’s complaint tracking system. A search will be done to ensure that there is a valid dog license issued for a dog of an owner at the address reported. An advisory letter will be sent to the occupant of the premises from which the barking has allegedly been heard and, where applicable, a copy to the resisterd property owner. The letter will indicate a complaint has been received and shall include a caution that further complaints may lead to legal action, including fines for each incident. If the dog is unlicensed, the letter will include a requirement for the occupants to purchase a dog license for the current year.
  • Upon receipt of a second complaint, the bylaw enforcement officer will attend the premises and discuss the complaint with the occupant and issue a warning violation. If the dog is still unlicensed, the bylaw officer will issue a MTI for an unlicensed dog.
  • The bylaw officer will ask the complainant to maintain an occurrence log which records the time and duration of the barking; the bylaw officer will also indicate to the complainant that the City will need at least two separate neighbors to make a complaint and also keep a record of the barking before bylaws staff will issue a Municipal Ticket Information. In addition, the complainants must be willing to sign a Statement in Support of Bylaw Enforcement Proceedings Under City of Port Moody Sound Bylaw No. 1399 which indicates they are prepared to testify in Provincial Court.
  • Upon submission of two occurrence logs the bylaw officer will determine if there is sufficient evidence that the bylaw has been contravened. If there is sufficient evidence a MTI will be issued.
  • If enforcement by MTI is not successful in achieving compliance, the City may initiate injunctive action against the owner/occupant of the property.

Action by

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Last updated: 31/10/2016 10:11:30 AM