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All businesses that operate for profit or gain in the City of Port Moody, whether from a permanent location or as a non-resident business, are required to hold a valid and subsisting Port Moody Business Licence.

Business licences are issued on an annual basis and the licence period is from January to December of each year. Fees and requirements for business licences vary with the type of business being operated. The annual licence fee is required for all businesses that start operation in the City prior to August 1 of each year. Except for licence applications for filming or Christmas tree sales, the annual fee is pro-rated by 50% from August 1 to December of the first year of licencing.

Business licences help ensure that the City's land use regulations, under the Port Moody Zoning Bylaw, are complied with. The licence process also ensures that building, fire and health requirements are met as well as Provincial regulations such as Liquor Control and Licensing, Motor Dealer Licencing and Film Classification where applicable.

For more information about specific business licence fees or regulations please contact 604.469.4541.

Work across the Tri-Cities with an inter-municipal business licence

Do you own a business in Port Moody, but also work in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam? You no longer need to buy separate licences in each city, thanks to the inter-municipal business licence (IBL). The licence costs $165, and allows you to work across the Tri-Cities. Here’s how you apply:

  • Fill out the regular business licence application and check the inter-municipal business licence option
  • Submit your completed form via email ( or fax (604-469-4533). You can also submit the form in person to staff at the second floor counter at City Hall, or mail the form to Bylaws and Licencing, 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody, B.C., V3H 3E1.

Once approved, the intermunicipal endorsement will be added to your existing Port Moody business licence, and a new business licence, displaying the intermunicipal endorsement, will be mailed out.

The IBL is an initiative of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and is modelled after similar agreements in B.C. A task force of Tri-City municipal staff and Council members developed the program, which will operate as a pilot project for its first year. Call 604.469.4541 or 
email us for more details.

Home based businesses

There are approximately 300 home based businesses currently operating in Port Moody. The information below is taken from the Port Moody Zoning Bylaw and sets out the conditions or restrictions that are in place for home based businesses:

"Accessory home occupation use" means a commercial occupation or professional use which is ancillary and subordinate to the use of a dwelling unit for residential purposes.

5.3.5 (a) Accessory home occupation use type I
Permitted in single and two family zones only

  • shall be completely enclosed within a dwelling unit, and shall not alter the residential character of the area;
  • shall not involve the sale of goods or the outdoor storage of material;
  • shall occupy less than 20 percent of the gross floor area of the principal building and shall not exceed 46 square metres (495.2 sq. ft) in area;
  • except for one unilluminated name plate, not to exceed 0.09 square metres (0.968 sq ft) in area, shall not be evident from the exterior of the building;
  • shall not discharge or emit odorous, toxic or noxious matter or vapours, heat, glare, radiation, electrical interference or noise;
  • shall be conducted by at least one resident of the residential use to which it is accessory, and a total of not more than 2 persons shall be employed in such use; and
  • shall involve no alterations to the building other than those associated with the residential use.

(b) Accessory home occupation use type II
Permitted in multi-residential zones

  • the use of the premises for an accessory home occupation shall be confined to the incidental use of a telephone and records pertaining directly to that business;
  • no goods are to be displayed, stored or sold on the premises;
    no alterations are to be made which change the character of the dwelling;
  • no signs are to be displayed on the premises;
  • the storage of vehicles or equipment associated with an accessory home occupation is not permitted on or near the lot; and
  • in the case of rental premises, the business licence applicant will be required to obtain the permission of the owner of the premises before a business licence under this Section can be issued. 

Applicable Fees


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Businesses that operate for profit or gain in Port Moody need a business license. 

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