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what to do during an earthquake


There will likely be a lot noise related to the seismic activity. It may be similar to the sound of a freight train roaring past and it could last for several minutes or only a few seconds. Fire and burglar alarms may be activated. 


The house or building you’re in may shake violently or may sway, creak and groan. There could be some sudden thumps. Light fixtures could sway and furniture will shake and start to creep across the floor. Windows may shatter or bind. Tall, unsupported bookshelves and filing cabinets may topple over and unsecured items like televisions and china will fall from their displays. The lights may go out and your water and gas lines may be broken or loosened, causing leaks.

Duck, Cover, Hold On 

Drop cover hold blue

When the shaking starts remain in the building. Crawl under a strong piece of furniture like a table or chair, cover your head and hold onto the item you are under. If there is no furniture to crawl under, crouch against an interior wall and cover your head with your arm. If you are in a doorway make sure you wedge something in the jam so the door doesn't close on your hands. Avoid doorways if possible. A book will work quite well. If you are in bed, curl up and cover your head with a pillow.

If you are outside a building, get inside the doorway out of the path of falling debris, broken glass and dislodged facia.

Try to get to an open area away from power lines and areas that may become covered with falling debris.

If you are in your car, pull over to the side of the road and stop, away from power lines and trees if possible. Stay in your car.

Identify safe spots in your home and office where you might seek shelter in the event of an earthquake. Secure hazards that could cause injury.

Great British Columbia ShakeOut

Check out the Shakeoutbc for more information and resource material on protecting yourself, your family, your school or your business and co-workers from an Earthquake.

You can also register for the Great British Columbia Shakeout which takes place at 10:16 A.M., October 16th, 2014. It’s a great way to learn how to prepare for an Earthquake. It’s a North America wide annual event that The City of Port Moody is proud to be an active participant in. Get involved, we’re glad we did!

Last updated: 17/03/2015 3:52:21 PM