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What is the Official Community Plan?

The current Port Moody Official Community Plan (Bylaw No. 2955) was adopted by City Council on October 14, 2014.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a municipality’s statement of its long-term vision for the future. It is a general statement of Council’s objectives and policies to guide land use, servicing and physical, social and economic changes in the community over the long term. The OCP should be read as a whole, as the particular policies in one section of the Plan may be modified by the policies in another section.

While the OCP can only set out a desired direction, the OCP has legal status which requires that all development and use of land be consistent with the policies of the Plan. Implementation of the OCP occurs through zoning and other detailed development-related tools.

Why do we need an Official Community Plan?

The OCP establishes policies and guidelines, and designates land for specific uses that are supported by Council and the community. This regulatory framework provides a guide for how the City evaluates and approves future development. It provides direction for how Port Moody should grow in the coming years.

What is the legal status of an OCP?

An OCP is adopted as a bylaw by municipal Council under the authority of the Local Government Act, taking into account residents’ and property owners’ views about the future, regional trends, and legislative requirements. Section 884 of the Local Government Act notes that an OCP “does not commit or authorize a municipality, regional district or improvement district to proceed with any project that is specified in the plan” but it does require that “all bylaws enacted or works undertaken...must be consistent with the…plan.”

For actual physical changes to be seen in the use of land, implementation occurs through the City’s Zoning Bylaw. Proposed changes in a property’s use and development are brought forward by landowners and reviewed against both the direction set out in the OCP and the specific rules established by the Zoning Bylaw. 
Local Government Act - Official Community Plans.

What is the difference between the Official Community Plan and the Zoning Bylaw?

The Zoning Bylaw is a regulatory tool that includes more specific requirements that new development must comply with (e.g. building regulations, site development parameters, site coverage, parking requirements, etc.). The OCP is a higher-level policy tool that is often less prescriptive than the Zoning Bylaw. The OCP includes land use designations and a land use designation map, which show the type and location of long-term growth that Council has established as its vision for the future in the community. The OCP also includes development permit areas and related design guidelines which provide direction and additional guidance for development. Council cannot approve a rezoning application that is not consistent with OCP.

An OCP designation and Zone may not always be seen to align. Once Council has adopted an OCP designation which reflects the long-term vision of the community for an area of the City, it may take some time for the Zoning Bylaw to achieve consistency. Changes to zones in the Bylaw are usually driven by amendments requested by landowners based on proposed development projects.

View the Complete OCP below

Complete OCP

Title Page 
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Purpose and Scope of the Plan
Chapter 2 - Key Trends and Issues
Chapter 3 – Community Vision and Goals
Chapter 4 – Overall Land Use Strategy
Chapter 5 – Sustainable Resource Use and Climate Change Response
Chapter 6 – The Natural Environment
Chapter 7 – Parks, Open Spaces and Recreation
Chapter 8 – Housing
Chapter 9 – Economic Development
Chapter 10 – Arts and Culture
Chapter 11 – Heritage Conservation
Chapter 12 – Community Well Being
Chapter 13 – Transportation
Chapter 14 – Community Infrastructure
Chapter 15 – Neighbourhood Plan Areas
Chapter 16 – Development Permit Area Guidelines
Chapter 17 – Implementation and Monitoring

2015 OCP Maps List
Map 1 – Overall Land Use Plan
Map 2 – Parks, Open Space and Public Facilities
Map 3 – Heritage Conservation and Character Areas
Map 4 – Road Network
Map 5 – Transit Map
Map 6 – Bike Routes
Map 7 – Pedestrian Routes
Map 8 – Water System Plan
Map 9 – Sanitary Sewer Plan
Map 10 – Neighbourhood Plan Areas
Map 11 - Evergreen Line Sub-Areas
Map 12 – Development Permit Areas
Map 13 – Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Map 14 – Hazardous Lands
Map 15 – Steep Slopes
Map 16 - Areas Referenced in OCP 
Map 17 - Named Watercourses
Appendix 1 – Regional Context Statement
Appendix 2 – Development Permit Area Guidelines
Appendix 3 – Ioco Townsite Heritage Conservation Area Guidelines
Appendix 4 – Moody Centre Heritage Conservation Area Guidelines
Appendix 5 – Waste Conversion & Waste Management Council Recommendations

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