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Note: Online bylaw copies are not legal versions of the bylaw and may not include recent amendments. Official copies of City bylaws can be obtained from the Legislative Services Department, Main Floor, City Hall.

title Number  description

Animal Control Bylaw


BL2677-C  Regulates the keeping of certain animals within the municipality.
Annual Property Tax Rates Bylaw BL3049 Establishes the 2016 annual property tax rates.
Anti-Idling Bylaw BL2859 Regulates vehicle idling in the City of Port Moody.
Board of Variance Bylaw BL2934 Provides for the establishment of a Board of Variance.

Building and Plumbing Code Administration Bylaw


BL2577-C  Regulates the construction, alteration, repair, or demolition of buildings and structures.
Business Licensing Bylaw


BL3000-C Provides for the licensing and regulating of businesses within the city. Business is, in part, defined as “a commercial or industrial undertaking of any kind… for the purpose of gain or profit.”
Fire Hall #1 Construction Project Loan Authorization Bylaw BL2878 BL2878  Authorizes the borrowing of funds for the replacement of Fire Hall #1, 200 Ioco Road, Port Moody.
Controlled Substance Property Bylaw BL2523 Prohibits the use of property for the trade, manufacture, ingestion, use, sharing, or barter of controlled substances.
Council Procedure Bylaw BL3013 Council Procedure Bylaw BL3013 Establishes procedures to be followed for the conduct of Council business.
Development Approval Procedure Bylaw BL2918 To define procedures for applications for amendments to an official community plan or a zoning bylaw.
Development Cost Charges BL 2142  A bylaw to establish costs for development 
Development Permit Delegation  BL3032  A Bylaw to delegate Council authority for the issuance of certain Development Permits to the
General Manager of Development Services
Emergency Program Bylaw BL2866 A bylaw to develop and implement plans for emergencies and disasters in the City.

False Alarm Bylaw


BL2192-C  Established to reduce false alarms of security alarm systems, which may pose a threat to the safety of the police and the public by creating unnecessary hazards and delaying police response to true emergencies.

2016 Fees Bylaw


BL3022-C  A bylaw to establish the 2016 fees charged by the City of Port Moody
2016-2020 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw BL3048 Establishes the 2016-2020 Five Year Financial Plan.

Fire Prevention and Emergency Response Bylaw


BL2835-C Provides for the prevention and suppresson of fires, for regulating the conduct of persons at fires and to authorize the issuance of permits in order to proctect life and property.

 Fireworks Bylaw


BL2070-C Provides regulations for the preservation of life, prevention of injuries, protection of property, and control of firecrackers and fireworks.
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy  BL3052 Purpose of administering and to set fees for fulfilling requests for records pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSBC 1996, Chapter 165.

General Local Government Election Bylaw


BL2897-C Provides for the determination of various procedures for the conduct of local government elections, by-elections and other voting.
Graffiti Bylaw BL2524 Prevents unsightliness of property by prohibiting the placement of graffiti and requiring that property be kept free of graffiti.
Heritage Maintenance Standards Bylaw BL2490 A bylaw under Section 970 of the Local Government Act to establish minimum standards of maintenance for real property designated as protected by a heritage designation bylaw or located within a heritage conservation area.
Heritage Procedures Bylaw BL2489 Authorizes the withholding of approvals in respect of heritage property, to delegate Council’s powers under Part 27 of the Local Government Act and to establish application procedures in respect of bylaw amendments and permits under Part 27 of the Local Government Act.
Heritage Reserve Fund Bylaw          BL2952 To allow the funding of heritage preservation projects, including the purchase of heritage buildings from the Heritage Reserve Fund.

Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw


 BL2913-C Supports financial incentives for the continued improvement of the physical appearance as well as the strengthening of the economic viability of the Heritage Conservation Area and Heritage Character Area in Moody Centre;

Intermunicipal Business Licence Bylaw


 BL2947-C  A bylaw to permit certain kinds of Businesses to operate across the municipal jurisdictions of the City of Port Moody, the Corporation of the City of Coquitlam, and the Corporation of the City of Port Coquitlam minimizing the need to obtain a separate Municipal Business Licence in each jurisdiction.
Littering and Dumping Prohibition Bylaw BL2608 Prevents littering and dumping in public places and posting or affixing any bill, notice, or advertisement on public property.
Mandatory Skateboard Helmet Bylaw BL2531 Governing the wearing of helmets in the skateboard park.

Municipal Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw

BL3044 Designates fines for offences against various City bylaws.
Newspaper Box Bylaw BL2821 Provides for the regulation of newspaper boxes throughout the city.
Official Community Plan  BL2955  The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a municipality’s statement
of its long-term vision for the future.
Parks and Community Facilities Rules and Regulations  BL2894 Defines the duties and terms of reference for the proper operation of all park and recreation facilities.
Pesticide Use Control Bylaw BL2575  Regulates the cosmetic use of pesticides as a means of improving or maintaining the appearance of lawns, gardens, hard landscapes and vegetated lands.
Public Safety Radio Building Amplification System Bylaw BL2850 Respecting internal radio communications and support systems in certain buildings.
Rocky Point Park Boat Launch and Parking Regulation Bylaw BL2690 Regulates parking and boat launching at the Rocky Point Boat launching site and surrounding area.
Secondhand Dealers Bylaw BL2527 Regulates second hand dealers within the City of Port Moody.

Sidewalk and Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw


BL2426-C Regulates the construction and maintenance of boulevards; may require the owner or occupier of real property to remove snow, ice or rubbish from sidewalks and foot paths bordering property.

Sign Bylaw


BL2403-C Regulates and prohibits signs within the municipality.

Smoking Regulation Bylaw 


BL2773-C Prohibits and/or regulates smoking in the municipality, including the regulation of places where people may smoke.
Soil Deposit & Removal Bylaw  BL3012 A bylaw to regulate Site Alteration, to include Deposit and Site Clearing operations in Port Moody.
 Solid Waste Bylaw  BL2816 A bylaw to provide for a system for the collection and disposal of solid waste.

Sound Level Bylaw


BL1399-C Regulates the sound levels in the City. Replaces the City of Port Moody Noise Control Bylaw (Bylaw No. 1044).
Stream and Drainage System Protection Bylaw BL2470 Prohibits the fouling, obstructing or impeding the flow of a stream, creek, waterway, watercourse, waterworks, ditch, drain or sewer, whether or not it is on private property.
Street, Traffic and Public Places Bylaw  


BL1528-C Regulates traffic and the use of highways and public places in the municipality.
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw BL2831 Regulates the provision of works and services in connection with the subdivision and development of lands, taking into consideration the different zones regulated by the City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw, in such a way as to benefit the community as a whole.
Tree Protection Bylaw BL2961 Regulates and prohibits the cutting down, damaging and removal of trees.

Unsightly Premises Bylaw


BL1488-C Regulates untidy and unsightly premises.
Vector Control Bylaw  BL3043 A bylaw to manage vector attractants on properties.

Waste Management Bylaw 


 BL2822-C A bylaw to regulate and minimize the amount of waste generated by new construction or demolition of structures, sent to landfills for disposal.

Water Shortage Response Plan Bylaw


BL2657C Provides an effective method of water conservation within the City and cooperates with the Greater Vancouver Water District to regulate the use of water supplied for outdoor uses.
Water Supply & Distribution Bylaw  BL3026 A Bylaw to regulate extensions, connections, and use of the City’s water works system, and to impose fees and charges for the use of the water system. 


BL1890-C Specifies building and zoning regulations within the municipality.
 Zoning Bylaw
 BL3004 A Bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw to address house height, siting and size concerns. Zoning Bylaw 1988, No. 1890,Amendment Bylaw No. 229, 2015, No. 3004.


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