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Scoop the dog poop

Like human waste, animal waste contains nutrients that when in excess, can degrade water quality and have detrimental effects on fish populations. So scoop the pooches poop.

Protect riparian vegetation

Riparian vegetation is the vegetation found along the shores of lakes, rivers, streams and ocean shores. This vegetation is essential to maintaining the health of water courses, root systems keep shoreline in place, the plants themselves provide much needed shade to fish and invertebrates. Finally, shoreline vegetation can act as a filter to liquids flowing towards a water way. Given this information, it is important to not pull or harvest this vegetation in order to protect fish habitat.

Pack out any trash at the beach

When enjoying one of Port Moody’s many beaches and parks this summer, pack out any trash that you have brought with you. If garbage is left behind, it runs the risk of ending up in the Port Moody Arm leading to the degradation of water quality and fish habitat.

Avoid walking in streams and trampling stream banks

If you do so, you may be damaging existing fish habitat, although it may not be obvious.


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