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Composting allows you to produce nutrient-rich soil for your lawn and garden in the convenience of your own backyard.

Composting works by creating a biological environment whereby decomposition can occur more quickly and efficiently. Composters break down organic material through bacteria and other organism such as fungi, worms and beetles. The by-product of composting is compost, or a dark nutrient-rich soil that is ideal for your lawn and garden. In short, home composting is an easy and cost effective waste management option that is good for your lawn, garden, and environment.

How to Compost:

1. Find a suitable location.  Your garden compost bin that is in a convenient, sunny and well-drained location.

2. Add the right ingredients. The composition process will work best with a balanced input of brown (carbon-rich) and green (nitrogen-rich) materials.

Examples of Kitchen and Yard Waste Greens and Browns (Earth Machine, 2012)
composting chart


3. Maintain the compost pile. Frequently wet the material to maintain a moist pile with the consistency of a damp sponge, and regularly stir and turn the compost material to add necessary oxygen. Regular aeration is an important component of successful composting.

4. Be patient and give it time. The length of time that the composting process will take depends on its ingredients, moisture content, temperature, and aeration. The composting process can take anywhere from a few months to over a year; however, keep an eye on your compost and maintain as necessary. Generally your compost is ready to harvest when it is dark brown, crumbles in your hand, and smells like earth.

For a good source of information on backyard composting, visit Metro Vancouver’s Composting Guide.

Compost Bin Distribution:

compost binPort Moody residents can purchase a compost bin from the City at a subsidized cost of $35.

Compost bins offered by the City feature: a twist locking pest-resistant lid; a locking harvest door; both horizontal and vertical ventilation; construction with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled materials; and easy assembly.


To Purchase a Compost Bin:

  1. Order in advance by calling the City’s Work Yard at 604.469.4574;
  2. Visit the City Hall Finance Department to make a payment;
  3. Visit the City’s Works Yard to pick up your compost bin with your receipt as a proof of purchase.

Locations & Hours of Operation:

  • Port Moody City Hall: 100 Newport Drive, open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.
  • Port Moody Works Yard: 3250 Murray Street, open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm.

For more information, please contact the City’s Public Works Department at 604.469.4574.


Last updated: 13/05/2015 3:57:58 PM