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General Black Bear Information

Bear Essentials
Moody Centre backyard bear eating apples

Bordering vast mountain wilderness, Port Moody provides prime black bear habitat. This is bear country and they are commonly seen in all parts of the city.

It’s normal for bears to roam through urban areas, especially as development encroaches on wild spaces. The challenge is to keep bears from staying in our urban areas. Garbage, fruit trees, birdfeeders, barbeques and other human-produced items can become an attractant and provide an irresistible meal.

Bears are driven by a powerful hunger. They are typically active from mid-March to November, but if we are careless with our attractants, they may be active year-round.

Curious and opportunistic, bears travel through neighbourhoods seeking seasonally available foods, safe cover, mates and denning sites. They use different habitats and travel corridors – both natural and man-made.

Browse the following pages to learn more about black bears in Port Moody and what you can do to keep them in the forest and out of our urban areas. 

Report nuisance or aggressive bears to the Conservation Officer Service at 1.877.952.7277.

Wildsafe BC has a great map where you can view and report wildlife sightings. Check out the Wildlife Alert Reporting Program.


   blackbear on trail

Shoreline Trail boardwalk at Pigeon Cove 

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