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The Sustainability Report Card is a requirement for all rezoning, development permit, and heritage alteration permit applications involving multi-family, mixed use, commercial, industrial, and institutional land uses. It identifies performance measures in four categories – cultural, economic, environmental, and social sustainability – that demonstrate Port Moody’s values and commitment to community sustainability. These performance measures are used to evaluate development proposals. A completed Report Card is a summary of overall project sustainability that is integrated with all other development approval requirements.

The Sustainability Report Card recognizes that developers, builders, designers, and others proposing changes to the built environment have an important role in creating a sustainable community. Sustainability involves stewardship of land and environmental resources, as well as green building and a focus on design elements that bring people together and help communities flourish economically, socially, and culturally. The Sustainability Report Card is a way for the City of Port Moody to encourage innovative thinking in design to achieve a more sustainable community.

There are six steps to follow in completing the Sustainability Report Card process:

1. Make a development inquiry to Development Services (2nd Floor, City Hall, 100 Newport Drive) regarding your proposed rezoning, development permit, or heritage alteration
permit. City staff will provide you with a hard copy of the Sustainability Report Card.

2. Attend a pre-application meeting with staff to discuss your proposal. A Planner will determine if the Sustainability Report Card is a document that must be submitted with your application.

3. If required, complete a Report Card. There are five versions of the Report Card for different types of projects: Mixed Use (Commercial/Residential), Multi-Family, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial. Choose the applicable Report Card, fill it out, and then save the file. Submit the saved file (i.e. your completed Report Card) via email to If you prefer, you can fill out a paper form and deliver it to the Planning counter at City Hall (2nd Floor, 100 Newport Drive). Be sure to include a completed development application form with your Report Card.

4. The Planner will review the Report Card for completeness and accuracy, and forward to staff in various departments for feedback. The Planner will determine your preliminary score and discuss the results of the staff review with you. You will then have an opportunity to improve your score with respect to the sustainability of your proposal, and resubmit an updated Report Card.

5. The Planner will make comments, determine your final score, and prepare the Project Report Card Summary. The Summary will be included in the land use reports that are distributed to the Advisory Design Panel, Community Planning Advisory Committee, and City Council.

6. If your application is approved by Council, your final Report Card is maintained in the development file and a copy is provided to the City’s Building Division.

If you have questions or need assistance with filling out your Report Card, please call 604-469-4540 or email

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Mixed Use Sustainability
Report Card

Multi-Family Sustainability
Report Card

Commercial Sustainability
Report Card

Industrial Sustainability
Report Card

Institutional Sustainability
Report Card

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