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Will parking spaces be affected at the off-leash dog park?
Vehicle access to the dog park is restricted weekdays between October 9-19. There will be no loss of parking once this project is complete. See map for parking restrictions.

What about the bus stop located near the dog park?
The City has partnered with Coast Mountain Bus Company to improve the accessibility of this bus stop. The City will add a retaining wall and railing. This will make it possible to expand the waiting area, and align the bike path parallel to the sidewalk.

Why was this project not completed last year?
In 2017, construction bids received from potential contractors included price quotes that exceeded the City’s budget by a wide margin. As a result, the project was postponed.

How much will the bike path extension cost?
Although the exact cost will not be confirmed until a contractor is selected, the total budget for Phase One is $850,000, which includes $234,000 provided by TransLink. A budget has not been set for Phase Two yet.

Why has the budget increased?
The budget has been increased to reflect current construction market conditions.

Why are you doing the project in two phases?  
The timing of Phase Two (the extension of the bike path from Hugh Street to the Moody Street overpass) has been set for 2019 to co-ordinate with construction work on a high-priority Master Transportation Plan project to improve the road for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists on the same section of Murray Street.

Will any trees be removed in advance of construction?
One tree was removed last year (after a nesting survey was done to ensure there were no birds nesting in the tree branches), when construction was expected to begin in late summer 2017. Additional tree removal and tree replacement is included in Phase Two of the project, which is part of the City’s capital plan for 2019. Once construction for Phase Two is complete, the City will replace any trees that have been removed, as per City policy.
Last updated: 09/10/2018 8:46:07 AM