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Festival and Special Event Assistance Program

The goal of the City’s Festival and Special Event Assistance Program is to provide financial assistance and/or in-kind support to community groups wishing to host a festival or special event in Port Moody. Interested groups must submit an Application for Support for consideration by Council, and appear as a delegation at a Committee of the Whole meeting. Please submit your application a minimum of six months prior to your event and allow up to four weeks for the review.

Please take the time to review our information about Hosting a Festival or Special Event in Port Moody before you apply for support through this program.

Program details and eligibility requirements

Eligible applicants/events may receive funding a maximum of three times (once per year) in any given five-year period for the same event.

This program is not intended to provide ongoing core operating funding. It is intended to support:

  • new events needing help to get started (a new event is defined as an event taking place in Port Moody for the first, second, or third time);
  • established events celebrating a special occasion or milestone, or wanting to try something new (an established event is an event that has taken place in Port Moody for at least three consecutive years); and
  • established events that may need a little extra help in a given year.

Support is grouped into three categories:

  • fee waivers – fee waivers may be granted for rental fees associated with facility and park space use, and permit and licensing fees;
  • staff and other in-kind support – applicants may request in-kind support where the City incurs a cost in providing the support requested; and
  • financial grant – applicants may request financial assistance in the form of a cash grant.

Eligible events include:

  • festivals and special events open to the general public; and
  • fitness/sporting events that have the potential to draw a high number of spectators.

Non-eligible events include:

  • events that require paid admission;
  • commercially/corporately-run events; and
  • run-specific and walk-specific events.

Organizers of fundraising events on the behalf of non-profit organizations may only apply for fee waivers and in-kind support. These events are not eligible for financial grants.

There is no set maximum for the amount of support that can be requested through this program. Please note that the City, at its sole discretion, may choose to award a lesser amount than that requested through an application, or may choose to reject an application entirely.

Applications are reviewed and considered in the order that they are received and, once the annual funding for the program has been exhausted, no further applications will be accepted for the remainder of the calendar year.

Application process

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Support – Festival and Special Event Assistance Program.
  2. Your application is reviewed by staff. Additional information is requested, as required.
  3. Once the application review has been completed, you will be asked to complete a Request to Appear as a Delegation to Council form.
  4. A Council date will be approved for your delegation and you’ll present your request to Council. Staff will provide Council with a copy of your application at the same Council meeting.
  5. Council may choose to make a decision on your application during the Council meeting; defer discussion and any decision to a future meeting; request additional information through staff; or, provide other direction.

Questions and completed applications should be directed to:
Devin Jain, Manager of Cultural Services

You may also drop off your application in-person at the Port Moody Recreation Complex (300 Ioco Rd.), front counter, to the attention of Devin Jain.

Multi-year funding agreements

Organizers of an established event in Port Moody, who have demonstrated a track record of presenting a successful event that is well attended by the community, may apply to Council to enter into a multi-year funding agreement with the City.

If you wish to apply to the City for a multi-year funding agreement, you must:

  • submit an application for support under the Festival and Special Event Assistance Program, detailing the funding requested;
  • Submit a cover letter outlining the following:
      o a formal request to enter into a multi-year funding agreement;
      o the value that the event brings to the Port Moody community; 
      o expenses/revenues for the past three years; and
      o attendance numbers for the past three years; and
  • appear as a delegation at a Council meeting to make the request and answer questions.

City staff will prepare a cover memo for your application that will include any additional details that may assist Council in making an informed decision. For approved applications, Council may choose to enter into either a three- or five-year agreement. Please speak with staff prior to preparing an application for a multi-year funding request.

Planning a small event?

If you are planning a small event, please review the City’s Fee Waiver Application and Artist Grant Program, as they may be more relevant to your event. If you are a community association planning an event for the benefit of your neighbourhood, or a group of neighbours planning a block party, please review our information about how to request support for Community Association Events and Block Parties.

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