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Development Cost Charges

Development Cost Charges

The City of Port Moody is updating its Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw to reflect the infrastructure requirements of new development. Port Moody’s existing DCC Bylaw was adopted in 1986 and updated in 1993. The majority of the projects contemplated in the 1993 DCC bylaw have now been constructed or are no longer part of our capital plans. A new bylaw has been drafted for Council's consideration.

Note: DCCs do not apply to the Inlet Centre area, which is the area expected to see the highest intensity of development. Instead of DCCs, special development levies are applied based on unique servicing and amenity requirements associated with Inlet Centre. The levies are based on the City of Port Moody Section 215A Agreement Bylaw, No. 2020 which was drafted under section 2015 of the previous Municipal Act. DCCs cannot be applied to the area unless these Agreements are terminated (mutually by both parties) and the Bylaw repealed.

What is a Development Cost Charge?
A Development Cost Charge (DCC) is a funding mechanism to assist local governments with capital costs of local government services related to development. The Local Government Act permits DCC’s to be established for providing, constructing, alternating, or expanding facilities related to the following local government services only:

  • roads (other than off-street parking)
  • sewer
  • water
  • drainage, and
  • parkland acquisition and improvement.

In addition to DCCs, the City can also collect development revenues through Community Amenity Contributions (CACs), density bonuses, and service agreements.

How are Development Cost Charges calculated?
DCCs are generally determined by dividing the net capital infrastructure costs attributable to new development over a certain time period, by the corresponding number of projected development units (or area) that will be developed in the same time period. The City of Port Moody’s draft DCC rates were calculated based on a 10 year horizon. The projected development units (or area) are based on the number of projected dwelling units for Single Family Land Use and projected area (square meter) for Multi-Family/Commercial/Institutional/Industrial Land Uses. The area is calculated as per the City’s zoning bylaw section 5.3.4 (b).

Recommended Draft DCC Bylaw
City staff have prepared a draft DCC Bylaw for Council’s consideration which includes the recommended DCC Rates (see below) to finance Port Moody's planned capital projects related to development. The breakdown by infrastructure category for the proposed rates is available here.


 Land Use Designation Units  Draft Bylaw Recommended Rates  
Laneway Houses 

Dwelling Units   $10,290
Single Family and Duplex 

Lot  $33,453
Multi-Residential Townhouses

 Square Metre
Multi Residential up to 6 Storeys 

 Square Metre  $117.81
Multi-Residential, Transit Oriented Development, greater than 6 Storeys 

Square Metre   $132.41
Commercial General / Institutional

 Square Metre  $47.37
Commercial Transit Oriented Development 

 Square Metre  $34.12
Industrial   Square Metre $40.85


Last updated: 29/03/2019 3:41:21 PM