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Managing access to garbage and other attractants is the most important action to take to keep people and bears safe in our community. Under the Provincial Wildlife Act, it is illegal for anyone to intentionally or negligently feed and/or attract bears and other types of wildlife. Attractant management is also addressed in the City’s Solid Waste Bylaw which stipulates requirements on how waste, recyclables and organics material needs to be managed. It is important to familiarize yourself and comply with the City’s Solid Waste Bylaw.

Practical Tips for Effectively Managing Bear Attractants

Garbage, Organics and Recycling
  • Store garbage and organics carts securely and stored indoors or bear resistant waste enclosure whenever possible.
  • Ensure that residential bins remain securely closed with bear clips locked.
  • Ensure that residential carts are only placed at your pick-up spot between 5:30 am and 7:30 am on your pick-up day and brought in by 8pm.
  • Freeze odorous food scraps until collection day.
  • Rinse carts regularly to eliminate odours.
  • Rinse all recycling material before placing in your recycling collection cart to reduce odours.
  • If you have a backyard compost, maintain an odourless pile, turn regularly, and keep covered.
Fruit Trees
  • Pick fruit as soon as it ripens.
  • Pick up any fallen fruit daily.
  • Store all harvested fruit securely indoors.
Bird Food
  • Keep ground free of bird seeds.
  • Limit access to birdfeeders them by suspending them out of reach.
  • Avoid use of birdfeeders if bears visit are frequent.
Barbeque and Freezers
  • Clean barbeque grill, and remove and empty grease trap after each use.
  • Cover and store barbeque in a secured area.
  • Store freezers inside, not on decks or in carports.
Pet Food
  • If you feed pets outside, always bring pet dishes inside and clean up any spilled pet food.
  • Store pet food indoors.

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