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Land use planning means managing Port Moody’s land and resources. It helps the community to set goals around how we want to grow and develop, and to find ways to reach those goals while considering social, economic and environmental concerns. Good planning helps decide where to build homes and business should be built, and where to locate parks and schools. It also balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community.

Two important land use planning tools are the Official Community Plan and the Zoning Bylaw.

Official Community Plan 
The Official Community Plan (OCP) sets the pattern of land uses and states the community’s objectives and policies to guide servicing and physical, social, environmental and economic changes in Port Moody over the long term. 

Find more about the City of Port Moody’s OCP

Zoning Bylaw
A Zoning Bylaw categorizes all land within a city as a certain zone. In Port Moody, it regulates building and land use for all properties and sets set out exactly:

  • how land and buildings may be used;
  • where buildings and other structures can be located;
  • what types and sizes of buildings can be constructed;
  • what size and dimensions of lots can be created,
  • building heights and setbacks from the street, and
  • parking requirements for vehicles and bicycles.

What’s the purpose of a Zoning Bylaw
The purpose of a Zoning Bylaw is to:

  • implement the objectives and policies of an OCP;
  • provide a legal and enforceable way to manage land uses and future development;
  • ensure responsible development;
  • confirm what use is suitable for a particular area; and
  • protect the public from potential dangerous land uses.

How does the Zoning Bylaw work?
The OCP establishes policies and guidelines, and designates land for specific uses in Port Moody. This policy framework guides how the City evaluates and approves future land use. 

The Zoning Bylaw is a regulatory tool that allows the City to implement the land use plan and policies set out in the OCP. It divides the City into different land use zones, with detailed maps stating the location and sizes of residential, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings allowed in each zone.

Port Moody’s Zoning Bylaw Review
Port Moody’s Zoning Bylaw was adopted in 1988 and has not undergone a comprehensive review since that time. With all of the changes taking place in the community, including the new OCP and the coming Evergreen Line, it’s time to review the Bylaw and its maps. The review, “Blueprint”, will allow us to improve service by making information clear and accessible to property owners, developers, and the public.

Last updated: 03/11/2015 3:49:26 PM