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Invasive plants are introduced and spread mainly by humans. Once introduced, invasives spread rapidly because they generally grow quickly and many are capable of producing thousands of seeds per plant. Some seeds may lie dormant for many years, requiring long-term effort to achieve eradication.

Prevention of future infestations and dedicated efforts towards control and removal of existing invasive populations are critical to the successful management of invasive plants. The community can help prevent the spread of invasive plants by following some key practices:

Being Aware  

  • Look for invasive plants in and around your property and the community.
  • Report any invasive plants you see on City Property. 

Avoiding Invasives and Planting Native Species

  • Avoid using invasive plants in your landscape and choose to plant native species.
  • The Invasive Species Council of BC’s PlantWise program offers information on selecting the right plants to grow in your garden. 

Controlling and Removing Invasive Plants Properly

  • Do not compost invasive plants in your home compost bin
  • Remove invasive plants on your property to prevent them from spreading
  • Never dump garden waste or hanging baskets into natural areas
  • Dispose of invasive plants in the City Green Bin organics waste when possible
  • Remove and dispose of Knotweed and Giant Hogweed using special attention and care 
  • Avoid transferring soil from one place to another as seeds of invasive plants can spread quickly through soil transfer
Last updated: 01/10/2015 11:51:10 AM