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Invasive plants are non-native species that typically grow quickly, reproduce rapidly, and often out-compete crops and native vegetation. They are recognized globally as the second greatest threat to biodiversity.  

Invasive plants can degrade habitats and disrupt natural ecological processes – reducing shade and shelter, weakening soil stability, and altering wind and water flow. Infestations can lead to significant economic impacts as a result of lost resource productivity and cost of management and control. Some species can also harm human health. As such, it is critical for everyone to actively manage any invasive plants found on their land and around the community.

Update on Knotweed

report invasive species

Report Invasive Plants

For more information about invasive plants, what the City is doing and what you can do, please visit the following pages

Japanese Knotweed - photo courtesy of Invasive Species Council of BC

hogweed removal

Report Giant Hogweed

WARNING: The sap of Giant Hogweed can cause serious skin inflammation and blistering, and temporary or permanent blindness. If you come in contact:
• Wash affected area
• Stay out of sunlight
• Seek medical attention if blistering occurs

Additional resources - green

Invasive Species Councils 

• Invasive Species Council of BC 
• Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver 

Government  Links
Plant Protection Act 
• BC Weed Control Act
• BC Weed Control Regulation
• BC Invasive Plant Program

Last updated: 15/06/2016 1:48:07 PM