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chafer beetle

Many Port Moody residents have been frustrated living with Chafer Beetle infested lawns. Chafer Beetle is an insect pest whose larvae feed on the roots of grasses causing serious damage to lawns. If Chafer Beetles are bugging you, your best defence is to keep your lawn healthy all year round.

If crows and raccoons have already turned your lawn upside down, there’s a good chance that you already have a Chafer Beetle infestation. In this case, the experts recommend that you consider applying a nematode treatment in the summer. Nematodes are tiny worms that live in the soil, and can kill Chafer Beetle grubs without harming plants, people, or pets.

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Port Moody residents living in a single-family home can pick up a coupon for 50% off the purchase of Nematodes at the Finance Counter at Port Moody City Hall, 100 Newport Drive between May 14-25 (read more about the program here). Keep in mind that nematodes are live organisms, so they need to be applied correctly. This includes proper refrigeration before and after purchase, application, and follow-up to ensure they stay alive to do their job.   

How to check your lawn for Chafer beetle grubs

Chafer beetles are an insect pest. Its larvae feed on the roots of grasses, which causes
damage to lawns. In this video, you'll learn how to check your lawn for Chafer grubs.

How to maintain a healthy lawn

How apply a Nematode treatment


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Last updated: 15/03/2018 12:24:38 PM