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moody street overpass

The Moody Street Overpass project has transformed the previously narrow and hazardous walkway into an entirely new, safe experience. Now the walkway can be shared by pedestrians, cyclists, and those with mobility challenges.


The previous pedestrian facility on the Moody Street Overpass consisted of a narrow raised concrete walkway on the east side of the bridge. The City’s Master Transportation Plan identified the need to enhance the pedestrian and cycling facilities crossing the CPR tracks, including the Moody Street Overpass. The Five Year Financial Plan also identifies a capital project for design and construction for seismic upgrades for the Moody Street Overpass structure. The design was approved as part of the 2012 budget.

Watch the opening ceremony:

Background – Sidewalk and Pathway

  • Route was identified in City’s Master Transportation Plan and Master Cycling Plan, as well as TransLink Evergreen Line Cycling Integration Study as an addition to the regional network
  • Bike path is an extension of the key east-west bike corridor through Port Moody connecting Coquitlam to Burnaby. Connects several major destinations like Coquitlam Town Centre, Inlet Centre and the Civic/Recreational Complex, Moody Central Evergreen Line Station/West Coast Express Station and recreational areas like Rocky Point Park.
  • Old pathway was too steep for wheel chair users, and the landing pad at the top of the ramp required a cyclist to come to a complete stop and was difficult to manoeuvre with a bicycle and trailer
  • Six options were considered in a design report, but the project as constructed optimized the requirements for cyclists, conformed to the Master Cycling Plan, and had the best access point to Rocky Point Park


The total project budget is $1,971,220 for both the sidewalk widening and the seismic upgrade, with an additional $120,000 spent during the investigation and design phase.
The grants total up to $1,311,577. This funding total is split as follows:

  • $625,625 from the Ministry of Transportation for sidewalk widening (Gateway Program – Cycling)
    • One of the primary goals of the Gateway Program is to facilitate better connections to transit, cycling, and pedestrian networks.
    • Gateway provided the City with funding for additional improvements to adjacent municipal cycling facilities and network on a 50/50 cost shared basis
  • $326,312 from TransLink for sidewalk widening (50/50 cost share)
    • BICCS Regional Needs Route Based Program ($313,286)and MRN-B funding ($13,026)
  • $332,640 from TransLink for the seismic upgrades (50/50 cost share)
    • MRN-B Funding

Technical & Construction Facts:

  1. Seismic Upgrade
    Fibre wrap of the bridge pier columns, concrete collars at specified piers, new bearings at the abutments, new link slab and new strip seal and armour at the abutments to provide the Overpass with a Safety Level 2 rating
  2. Widening of the Bridge Sidewalk
    Addition of cantilever brackets adding approximately 3 metres in width to the east side of the bridge and reconfiguring the sidewalk to provide a dual pedestrian and cyclist pathway separated from the roadway.
    1. Pedestrian access to remain open during construction as part of the contract requirements.
    2. Required multi-stage concrete pours and flagging/fencing separation from the work space in order to accommodate pedestrians
  3. New Approach Pathway on the North Embankment
    A complete reconstruction of the pathway approach from Murray Street to be merged with the new widened pathway across the bridge.
    1. The overpass exit ramp was closed during the project and pedestrians were detoured down this area.
      2. Ramps were built during construction to allow bike, wheelchair, and stroller accessibility through the pedestrian detours

Features – Sidewalk and Pathway

  • Provides a safe and efficient connection over the existing rail corridors. Provides a low stress environment with ample room for cycling over the bridge structure allowing cyclist to continue to ride without conflict with pedestrians.
  • The addition of improved pedestrian and cycling facilities on the Moody St. Overpass has increased people moving capacity and has had no impact on the single occupancy vehicle capacity on the Moody St. Overpass.
  • Accommodates an increased demand for and promotes the use of walking and cycling modes to access the future Evergreen rapid transit station and nearby amenities. The potential reduction in existing and future vehicle trips may result in reduced GHG emissions.
  • Pathway improves pedestrian and cyclist accessibility and safety. Also improves access for parents with small children and individuals with mobility impairments
  • Decreases pathway congestion during events at Rocky Point Park (eg. Summer Concert Series)
  • Increased pathway width from 1.2 m clear width sidewalk with a standard height curb with little room to pass to a 3.0 m clear width multi-use path with modern vehicle barriers and railings so that cyclists do not have to dismount or go in traffic.
  • Improved pathway lighting and future connectivity for more lighting.
  • Improved esthetics of the area
  • Higher standard of safety fencing over the railroad tracks and future Evergreen Line
  • Improved Trans-Canada Trail connectivity/functionality
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